Nerelie Teese
Nerelie Teese Sep 3, 2018

Improving Ageing Australians’ Mental Health with Bibliotherapy and Shared Reading Groups

Australia’s population is ageing, and ageing well if the glossy brochures, TV ads and magazine articles are anything to go by. Many older Australians are living life to the full. They might be on the road or travelling overseas, volunteering, studying, starting new enterprises, following lifelong interests or taking up new hobbies and activities. These older Australians are leading busy lives and are socially connected, physically active and mentally stimulated. But government statistics show that up to a third of...
Nerelie Teese

Nerelie Teese

Nerelie Teese is an educator with more than twenty-five years' experience. She is also a published and award winning Bush Poet. Through bibiliotherapy Nerelie is now bringing her lifelong love of books and reading to enhance the wellbeing and mental health of older Australians.

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