Sharon Billings
Sharon Billings Aug 15, 2018

Dying to Know Day – What Matters to You?

Dying to Know Day, on August 8th, is an annual day dedicated to bringing to life conversations and community actions around death, dying and bereavement. Dying to Know Day is a social movement aimed at destigmatizing the discussion of dying. Sharon Billings, an Advance Care Planning Clinician with Alfred Health, says 50 percent of us will lose the ability to make decisions about our care towards end of life. “It’s important to start these conversations early, the best time is...
Sharon Billings

Sharon Billings

Advance Care Planning Clinician, Alfred Health

Sharon is an Advance Care Planning Clinician who has been working with patients and families for the past seven years to assist them in having meaningful conversations around end of life and planning for loss of capacity. Sharon works as part of a small but active Advance Care Planning team across Alfred Health to assist patients and staff to better understand the importance of Advance Care Planning and how it relates to their circumstances. The team provides education and consultancy service to clinical staff and will work with patients to determine their end of life wishes and to ensure that these are appropriately documented.

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