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Karen Smith
Karen Smith Aug 8, 2018

Quick response saved stroke victim Ron’s life

When Ron suffered a serious stroke last year, he says it was the “little MePACS button” that saved his life. Ron was at home alone when the stroke occurred, and he quickly found himself in extreme pain. Fortunately, he was wearing a MePACS personal alarm around his neck at the time, and was able to press the emergency button immediately. “The one thing I had in my favour was that when I pressed the MePACS button, straight away...
Karen Smith

Karen Smith


Karen has over 20 years marketing experience across multiple brands and has been working for MePACS as the Sales and Marketing Manager for the last two years spreading the word of the good work the MePACS team do. MePACS is backed by an Australia Health Service and has over 39,000 customers. They have 28 years’ experience in saving lives and keeping older Australians safe whilst living independently in their own homes and giving their families peace of mind.

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