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Amy Henderson
Amy Henderson Jul 10, 2018

David Goodall’s Final Hour And Why Discussion Must Keep Happening

David Goodall, an esteemed biologist and ecologist caused a media stir when he announced that he was seeking, at the age of 104, to end his life. Having had a close relationship with journalists across his lifetime, this announcement came as a shock to many who had followed and reported on his passionate and insatiable approach to life. In an interview conducted earlier this year Goodall told a journalist “I am not happy, I want to die” sparking what was...
Amy Henderson

Amy Henderson

Journalist - HelloCare

Amy has been writing with fervour from the time she was ‘yay’ high. From scribbling about her capers on the playground to covering breaking news in the Health sector, Amy has always been lead by her heart. Working for Hello Care is an opportunity to use her brain and heart, to seek out truth and discussion for those that need it greatly. When she’s not tinkering away on the keyboard you’ll find her holed up in a cafe breathing in the aromatic bliss that is a soy chai latte, or rugged up tight trying to figure out ‘whodunnit’ on her latest British mystery show obsession.

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