Dad and Becc cuddling
Rebecca Galdies
Rebecca Galdies Jul 3, 2018

Grief and the passing of a loved one

Last year in October, I climbed onto the skinny little hospital bed next to my father so that I could get close enough to give him a cuddle. I lay there beside him while he struggled for each breath and talked to him about all the beautiful memories I had of us. He couldn’t respond; he was unconscious, and I’m sure most medical professionals would say that he couldn’t hear me, that he wasn’t aware of what I was saying...
Rebecca Galdies

Rebecca Galdies

Rebecca Galdies is a campaigning communications professional with a Bachelor of International Studies with Honours in International Relations and Political Science. Rebecca works for the Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union as the Aged Care Campaign Project Coordinator and has been campaigning on social justice issues for over 10 years. When she is not working for the union, Rebecca is volunteering for the Australian Greens as one of the National Co-convenors and occasionally pottering around in her garden.

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