Jade St Clair
Jade St Clair Jul 3, 2018

The power of personalised playlists

The Music & Memory program, developed by US social worker Dan Cohen and brought to life by the 2014 documentary Alive Inside, has thrust music therapy into the spotlight. I have had some fantastic experiences with personalised playlists and have prepared some advice to help you bring music into the world for somebody with dementia. How does music therapy work? The Music & Memory program is backed by neuroscience research and has demonstrated that listening to a personalised playlist can...
Jade St Clair

Jade St Clair

Jade is a writer and a student of information communications and management. She has a very special Pop who suffers from vascular dementia. Jade has worked for several years to develop communication strategies that have helped her communicate with her Pop and other people living with dementia in a nursing facility environment. Jade loves to find time to read all types of fiction novels in between being bossed around by her two rescue cats.

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Jade St Clair
Jade St Clair Jun 20, 2018

A granddaughter’s call for mandated staff ratios

I’ve always had a close relationship with my Grandfather (Pop). When he was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia following a major stroke in 2016, there was no other choice but to place him in a high care dementia unit of a private aged care facility. Pop’s children live interstate now, so I thought it was important for me to visit him as often as possible. Even though he was different after the stroke, he was still the same kind and loving...
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