Petrina Scott
Petrina Scott Jun 15, 2018

Kindness, Comfort, Respect – Three words that transformed a UK Care home

It is fairly simple to choose words to represent a Care Home however for most companies, the impact of the words and values that have been chosen to embody their organisation is often limited to the company website or the corporate office walls. Getting those words into the people, the residents, the families and the leadership team is a task which can seem insurmountable, particularly when an organisation has its own worries with staffing numbers and compliance to take care...
Petrina Scott

Petrina Scott

Principal Consultant - Judgement Index

Petrina Scott is the Principal Consultant for Judgment Index Australia. She is passionate about building up the decision making capacity for both employees and employers and helps people to identify and connect their values for more meaningful work experiences. Petrina was recently featured in the Return To Work Summit for her work in improving the likelihood of a successful RTW after a workplace injury. When she’s not working you can find her cheering on the West Coast Eagles in Perth.

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