Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray Jun 8, 2018

How do you measure up as an aged care provider in 2018?

Remember the good old days of aged care where the providers were king, and consumers got what they were given. Aged care providers owned the funding and decided how many services clients could have. There was no use complaining, it’s not as if anything would have changed. This dictatorial approach to aged care mocked the very words ‘aged’ and ‘care’. Fast forward 18 months, and we’re really seeing the rubber hit the road. Consumers are now king and they decide...
Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray

Principle, Strategically Placed Marketing

Lisa Murray has more than 20 years experience in media, marketing and communications. From developing and implementing public relations and marketing strategies, media relations, writing and editing, to event management, research and policy. As principal of Strategically Placed Marketing, she has worked with some of Australia's largest and most successful organisations, government agencies, non-profit groups, aged care and disability. These include Feros Care, NSW Office for Ageing (liaising with the Minister and the Advisory Council), Seniors Card and the NSW Lifetime Care and Support Authority.

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