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Allison Shears
Allison Shears May 18, 2018

Looking at innovative models for aged care: takeaways from the Singapore Ageing Asia conference

The Ageing Asia forum held in Singapore over the last two days provided insights into the diversity of care models for older people accessing residential care across a range of Asian countries including Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and Japan. The provision of formalised or paid care is a growing industry in Asia where care has typically been provided by family members in the past. Keynote speakers from Australia, Denmark, Germany and America, where the age care ‘industries’ have...
Allison Shears

Allison Shears


I am passionate about improving the care of older people in our health care system and in the community. I am particularly invested in people 'taking the time' to understand older people, their stories, their needs, and how they would like care to be delivered when required. I am inspired and moved by advocates of positive images of ageing such as Cathy Greenblat and others who promote truly person centred compassionate care. As an Occupational Therapy, I've held roles working with DBMAS, CDAMS, Dementia Consultant TCP, and North West ACAS.

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