Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan May 21, 2019

Do we ‘move on’ from grief, or does it stay with us?

Grieving for a loved one can be almost unbearably painful. At times, it may even feel as though we will never recover. And yet, death and loss are a part of life, and so the profound feelings that accompany them are, in many ways, inevitable. But just as loss is an inevitability, so too it our ability to overcome it. We all find ways to cope with our loss, and as time passes, the pain dulls, and we realise we are getting...
Caroline Egan

Caroline Egan

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Caroline Egan has been a writer and editor for more than 20 years. She has worked across several sectors, including banking, finance, economics, real estate, and aged care. She was Managing Editor at Macquarie Bank for several years, and also spent a number of years presenting financial market news on television and radio for CommSec. Caroline loves playing Scrabble, going to the movies with her funny children, and walking in nature.

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Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan May 20, 2019

Aged care residents are “very lonely”, royal commission hears

  One of the nation’s leading dementia experts and a widely respected dementia advocate addressed the royal commission on Friday, explaining the challenges they see in the aged care sector and dementia care, and the solutions they propose. Professor Henry Brodaty, Scientia Professor at the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing at the University of New South Wales, said residents in aged care are “very lonely”. “No one sits down and talks to the person” One researcher found that the median...
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Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan May 17, 2019

Physical restraints should not be allowed in aged care, medical expert tells royal commission

Professor Joseph Ibrahim gave an impassioned hearing at the royal commission on Thursday, delivering a damning assessment of Australia's aged care system, and laying down his suggestions, based on decades of research, for improvements. Prof Ibrahim is a consultant specialist in geriatric medicine, who teaches and researches patient safety and aged care at the Institute of Forensic Medicine and is head of the Health Law and Ageing Research Unit at Monash University. Prof Ibrahim investigated the causes of death in nursing...
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Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan May 15, 2019

Innovative thinking in aged care can provide good outcomes, royal commission hears

On the fifth day of the Sydney hearing, the royal commission heard from a panel of aged care executives who shared their experiences and suggestions for ways to provide high-quality care. The panel consisted of executives from three of Australia’s most progressive and innovative aged care providers: Group Homes Australia, Brightwater Care Group, and Glenview. The panel consisted of Tamar Krebs and Jonathan Gavshon, co-chief executive officers from Group Homes Australia, Jennifer Lawrence, CEO Brightwater Care, and Lucy O’Flaherty, CEO...
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