The Hon Ken Wyatt
The Hon Ken Wyatt May 9, 2018

More choices for a longer life

The 2018-19 Budget will deliver the More Choices For a Longer Life package which will support older Australians to live longer and be better prepared, healthier, more independent and connected to their communities. The Package gives older Australians more choices and greater flexibility, including: An additional 14,000 high-level home care packages so older Australians can stay in their homes longer if they want to; Allowing pensioners to earn more without reducing their pension; Greater flexibility to use home equity...
The Hon Ken Wyatt

The Hon Ken Wyatt

Minister For Aged Care, Minister For Indigenous Health

Ken Wyatt is the Federal Minister for Aged Care. In January 2016, Ken made history as the first Indigenous Minister to serve in a Federal Government, after being appointed as the Minister for Aged Care and Minister for Indigenous Health.

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