Craig Hunter
Craig Hunter May 10, 2018

Social isolation and our future

I want to live until I am 100. It’s fascinated me ever since I was a young boy. My wife has worked in aged care and she thinks I am crazy. I think of the changes I will witness and she thinks of the struggles. One hundred years old - imagine: from cars with no seatbelts to flying cars, from black and white TVs to holograms, from social connections to... social isolation. We all know the Australian population is aging, the...
Craig Hunter

Craig Hunter

Journalist, Editor And Business Writer

Craig is a freelance Journalist, Editor and Business Writer with over 20 years’ experience in the media. In industries as diverse as Finance, Sustainability, Food and Technology, Craig has worked closely with publishers and clients to produce content that talks to its audience. Craig’s current focus is community care and our collective future.

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