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Robert Fedele
Robert Fedele Apr 16, 2018

Relentless, Demanding and Unappreciated

Last year RN Irene McInerney swapped to working nights in the residential aged care facility where she works. She felt she was no longer able to do the job properly on the day shift. “There had been a change in staffing. We had eight carers to 84 residents, where we used to have at least nine. Everyone was running ragged. Call bells were being left unanswered for who knows how long. People were left incontinent in their beds until we...
Robert Fedele

Robert Fedele

Journalist At Australian Nursing And Midwifery Journal

Robert is a Journalist at Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal.

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Robert Fedele
Robert Fedele Apr 11, 2018

As Aged Care Crisis Deepens

After clocking off from her routine night shift at one of Australia’s typical nursing homes carer Yvonne (not her real name) heads back to her house and invariably collapses from exhaustion. The problematic aged care sector - plagued by understaffing, low rates of pay and insufficient investment – is challenging work yet like many aged care workers, Yvonne says it’s residents who bear the brunt. “It makes you feel frustrated because you cannot give the care that you know the...
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