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Rosemary Iloste
Rosemary Iloste Apr 9, 2018

Lessons from my parents, the candid truth of the aged care home

These views are a reflection of the contributor and we believe it is important to give everyone a platform to share their opinion.  I have written this paper for two main reasons. The first is that I hope it will be a guide to improving the Aged Care facilities and their practices so that current and future residents can live their final years with more dignity and care than some of them are currently being given. Any of us can find ourselves...
Rosemary Iloste

Rosemary Iloste

Daughter, Mother & Writer

I am the mother of 4 (now) adults and have been the foster mother of 19 children. I have a passion for children and their welfare. I love to travel and am fortunate to have done so with my previous work, as a Community Developer, as well as for pleasure. I have still got quite a list of places to visit though. Photographing sunsets is a hobby that blends well with travel. My other interests include being a member of Red Hat Society, gardening, doll collecting, reading, writing, dressmaking and many other hobbies. My big achievement was writing my book “For the Love of Kids – Rosemary’s Babies”. This memoir chronicles my life and the ups and downs of being a mother and foster mother with the hurdles I have had to jump but also the love and joy that has made my life a very eventful, fulfilling life. My Love of Kids has been the driving force behind a major component of my personal and professional life and has been topped off with the birth of my wonderful grandchildren. Corresponding with people all over the world through the internet is another interesting past-time. Interacting with others has always been a love and this avenue of communication has opened up the world and allowed me to learn from others all over the world as well as form wonderful friendships. Travel has combined with this interest to further these friendships.

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