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Ara Cresswell
Ara Cresswell Feb 19, 2018

Serious shortage of respite accommodation in aged care homes revealed

Carers Australia calls on the Government to increase subsidies for respite care in residential aged care facilities so that family and friend carers can take a break from caring when required. Other types of respite also need to be made more readily available, including cottage style accommodation for overnight and weekend breaks. “We have conducted a national survey of organisations that help carers access respite services, which shows an increasing difficulty for carers to find respite care when they need...
Ara Cresswell

Ara Cresswell

CEO Of Carers Australia

Ara Cresswell is the CEO of Carers Australia, the national peak body representing Australia’s carers, advocating on behalf of Australia’s carers to influence policies and services at a national level. She says that in our lifetimes each of us is likely to either be or need a carer, so taking care of carers is really about taking care of our families, our friends and ourselves.

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