Janine Yeates
Janine Yeates Mar 20, 2018

Quality is in the Eye of the Beholder

Quality in aged care is the topic on everyone’s minds. With the on-going Senate Inquiry the release of the Carnell/Paterson Review and the move towards a single aged care quality framework, the way the sector thinks about and delivers quality services is evolving. With increasing consumer choice driving quality and innovation, providers need to understand customer expectations of quality and embed these within their brand and the organisation.  What does quality mean to you? To integrate quality into your brand and customer experience means...
Janine Yeates

Janine Yeates

Senior Account Manager At Ellis Jones

Janine Yeates is an experienced marketing and communication professional who has worked in the aged care space for over eight years. Janine is a Senior Account Manager at Ellis Jones, an integrated communications agency that makes a positive impact.

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