Tibor Paller
Tibor Paller Mar 8, 2018

What it’s Really Like Cooking for the Elderly: Letter from an Aged Care Chef

I’m great and proud of it. Seemed OK to say something outright like this when I was 4, but somehow over the years I learned the need for ‘modesty’. Especially if my life is in aged care. How should I feel about myself with the headlines screaming at me right now? Surely, it should be familiar by now that mostly we’ll be told about things that are wrong or things that can be ‘improved’. And yes, mistakes are made, but...
Tibor Paller

Tibor Paller

Aged Care Chef

Tibor is a chef/educator/mentor/blogger and food photographer whose hospitality experience spans across multiple roles and national boundaries over three continents. Tibor has become the go-to expert on texture-modified meals for the health and aged care industries.

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