Amiria MacKinnon
Amiria MacKinnon Feb 14, 2018

A Valentine’s Love Story

On Valentine’s Day, Bill and Hazel share their story of everlasting love. In May this year the inspirational couple will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary and an incredible life together. Love at first sight Bill and Hazel, now 88 and 82, first met through a group of friends at a football match in rural New South Wales. Friends at first, Hazel’s mum was known for hosting Sunday dinners that the group attended and it was through these dinners that love began...
Amiria MacKinnon

Amiria MacKinnon

General Manager Marketing & Communications At Whiddon

Amiria is the General Manager Marketing & Communications for Whiddon, an award-winning not for profit aged care provider. She’s passionate about storytelling and creating powerful content that engages and educates consumers about ageing and aged care and regularly writes for HelloCare and Whiddon’s YourLife blog.

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