Anne Johnson
Anne Johnson Feb 7, 2018

Moving into Aged Care: What is Important to the Elderly?

When selecting the best residential aged care for someone it is easy to look at obvious things like the location, meals, surrounds and medical care, without paying enough attention to the leisure activities offered. Leisure activities are often opportunities to develop social relationships, which in turn are associated with better physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing. And, vice versa, the stronger the social relationships, the more likely a person is to participate in leisure activities.  Older people living in...
Anne Johnson

Anne Johnson

Director Of Seamless Transitions

Anne Johnson is a Director of Seamless Transitions: Aged Care Placement and Support Services. Prior to that she worked as an Orthoptist and Manager in a low vision rehabilitation organisation, working mainly with older people, and was also a registered nurse in residential aged care. Anne Johnson can be contacted at

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