Rodney Syme
Rodney Syme Feb 2, 2018

Dying With Dignity’s Response: “Catholic Health Australia Cannot Have it Both Ways”

These views are a reflection of the contributor and we believe it is important to give everyone a platform to share their opinion.  This letter is a response to Catholic Health Australia's Open Letter Some might be impressed by the intransigence reflected in Catholic Health Australia’s response to law reform to allow voluntary assisted dying.  Nevertheless it is consistent with the Catholic Church’s attitude to contraception, its attitude to women’s rights to termination of pregnancy and medical rather than...
Rodney Syme

Rodney Syme

Vice President, Dying With Dignity

Rodney joined VESV, now Dying with Dignity Victoria in 1991, and served 12 years as president. Rodney Syme is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and for many years has worked as a urological surgeon. Rodney considers himself an advocate for physician-assisted dying and has been president of Dying With Dignity Victoria for ten years. He is the author of A Good Death and Time to Die, where he extends the right to die to those who are suffering

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