Justin Potter
Justin Potter Jan 30, 2019

Are traineeships an effective way to train aged care staff?

An aged care facility can only deliver the standard of care we expect for our seniors if compassionate, committed, and educated staff are tending to residents empathetically and knowledgeably. It is the quality of care that these staff provide on the floor to residents all day, every day that is the measure of the industry, and will be the single most important determinant of the quality of life for residents in aged care. The best aged care staff possess a...
Justin Potter

Justin Potter

National Business Development Manager At MAS National

Justin Potter and the team from MAS National are passionate about the aged care sector and helping service providers achieve their desired workforce goals. If you’d like to see how your business productivity and service quality can be enhanced, you can contact him directly on 0459 872 939 or

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Justin Potter
Justin Potter Oct 5, 2018

Aged care workers: growing an army from within

Aged Care workers are the very cornerstone of the Australian aged care industry. They make up the majority of the industry’s workforce and they are on the ground - providing attention and care to our senior and often vulnerable citizens. Quite simply, the industry could not operate without sufficient numbers of well trained, suitably experienced Aged Care workers. Most Aged Care workers are extremely passionate about the work they do. They say their job is personally rewarding and they gain...
Justin Potter
Justin Potter Jun 6, 2018

What can be done to train better-quality aged care workers?

Part 2, click here to read part 1. Caring for the elderly, many working in the industry will agree, is a privilege. How we help these people (who have given so much to society) at the end of their lives, is one way we can show how we honour and respect them. Though often we would like our elderly friends and family to remain at home, sometimes this is not possible as they may begin to need help beyond that which...
Justin Potter
Justin Potter Jan 30, 2018

What Can Be Done To Train Better Quality Aged Care Workers?

Caring for the elderly is a huge responsibility, and as many aged care workers will tell you - a great honour. It’s about giving back to people who have given so much to our society. Aged care residents have worked hard to raise their families or build careers - they have each in their own way shaped Australia to what it is today. As people age, they may start to require support that extends beyond what families can assist with...
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