Lyndall Kay
Lyndall Kay Jan 25, 2018

“I reported my concerns, and subsequently I was not offered anymore shifts”

This was a letter submitted to HelloCare by an aged care worker and advocate. These views are a reflection of her own and we believe it is important to give everyone a platform to share their opinion.  I have been involved in healthcare for over 20 years, here and in the UK - first as a Healthcare Assistant/Personal Care Worker/Support Worker, and now as an Trainer & Assessor, teaching adults how to be Personal Care Workers/Support Workers. I struggle...
Lyndall Kay

Lyndall Kay

Aged Care Reform

Lyndall Kay is the co-founder of Aged Care Reform, an independent organisation, which advocates for reform in the aged care sector. She is also a freelance Trainer & Assessor in aged and disability, with an interest in the arts and environmental issues. In the meantime could you please sign and share our petition: Urgent Aged Care Reform

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