Eleanor Morgan
Eleanor Morgan Jan 18, 2018

“I wanted to complain, but who would listen?”

Hello. I am sharing my experience with you today as a wife, mother, daughter, and granddaughter. I was a Personal Care/Support Worker for a decade in community, disability, and aged care services, and am now an Enrolled Nurse. I have worked in nursing homes across Adelaide as an agency worker, and was employed as a “permanent casual” staff member for a year in one home. I have always loved working with older people, they have a wealth of knowledge, and...
Eleanor Morgan

Eleanor Morgan

Aged Care Reform

Eleanor is an Enrolled Nurse from South Australia, with a long background of caring in aged, disability and community services. Aged care is her passion, and she hopes to continue my nursing studies with a geriatric nursing focus. Eleanor started the Aged Care Reform campaign with a petition calling for urgent, industry wide changes. She found allies in former colleagues and friends who are just as detemined as me to effect positive changes and keep the conversation going. They have seen the good, bad and ugly of aged care, and reform was something that just demanded our attention.

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