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Philip Daffas
Philip Daffas Dec 18, 2017

Misunderstanding Dementia Pain: What Facial Expressions are Really Telling You

There’s a common misconception that pain is an inherent part of ageing, that as you get older and may develop health issues, pain is just something you’re going to have to deal with. But that’s not true, pain is often a symptom that can be managed with the correct interventions and treatments. Older people are less likely to report pain themselves, especially if they have cognitive impairment, but that doesn’t mean they are not experiencing it. Pain can be hard...
Philip Daffas

Philip Daffas

CEO & Managing Director Of PainChek

Philip is a highly accomplished global business leader and people manager with an international career spanning more than 25 years with leading blue-chip healthcare corporates and novel technology start-up companies including Cochlear and Roche Diagnostics. Philip has held senior global business leadership positions in Europe, US and Australia. He has been instrumental in building businesses, growing market share and developing extensive high-level customer relationships in each sector.

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