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David Constantine
David Constantine Dec 12, 2017

Change Sucks: Aged & Community Services Australia 2017 Insights

David Constantine, Design Director of integrated agency Ellis Jones was invited to present at the 2017 ACSA Summit in Cairns on the theme “The Power of Change”. His response, entitled ‘Change Sucks’ focused on the opportunities presented by ageing and the pathways to support and care. Designing the defining moment of customer experience (CX) that embody brand identity, and create differentiation in a competitive market. The following is an edited transcript of that presentation. As communicators and brand guardians, we...
David Constantine

David Constantine

Ellis Jones - Design Director

David began heading up the Ellis Jones design studio in November 2016. Before joining EJ, David ran his own studio, Studio Constantine, and also worked as a Senior Designer for a number of companies including NewEdge and CRE8IVE, where he focussed on brand and campaign development, and creative pitching.

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