Matiu Bush
Matiu Bush Feb 27, 2019

Digital walls bring delight to aged care

Bright colours, moving shapes and interactive screens: the Lumes digital wall brought joy to a paediatric hospital. Seeing the sheer elation such an innovation could bring, Bolton Clarke had an idea. Could this work in aged care? Using principles of dementia design, Bolton Clarke partnered with Lumes to develop content to reach residents living with dementia, who have started to lose certain cognitive or communication abilities. It’s the first installation of a digital wall in an aged care home, worldwide...
Matiu Bush

Matiu Bush

Bolton Clarke - Design Integration Lead

Matiu is one of the Design Integration Leads at Bolton Clarke currently working on designing the best death possible using the human centred design methodology to achieve this. Matiu has a Master's degree in Public Health and broad clinical and managerial nursing experience. Matiu contributes to health system innovation through involvement with Better Care Victoria as a board member and the Emerging Leaders Clinical Advisory Committee.

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Matiu Bush
Matiu Bush Feb 7, 2019

Conversation-as-Therapy pin monitors social interactions

The Australian population is getting older, living longer – and for some, getting lonelier. It’s predicted that households of one will rise from 2.1 million in 2011 to a staggering 3.4 million in 2036. Care services are seeing an increased demand for aged care that works with older people, supporting them to keep independent and socially connected in their own homes. Lonely and socially isolated older Australians are a widely distributed, often secluded population. As a group, it’s...
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Matiu Bush
Matiu Bush Dec 8, 2017

Designing a Good Death in Aged Care

What is a good death? Death is often a taboo topic for most, as people perceive it as being morbid, dark and sad. But in aged care, death is something they have to deal with every day. Death is a part of reality, and though some people may shy away from the topic - it is something everyone will have to eventually face. Designing a good death in residential aged care is the focus of a new co-design project being undertaken...
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