Norman McNamara
Norman McNamara Jan 22, 2018

Time to Tell the Truth About Dementia….from Someone Living with Dementia

Things YOU always wanted to know, or SHOULD know about dementia, but THEY were too AFRAID to TELL YOU, and I am sure many others were horrified around the world to learn that THIS information is not being given out, this is “MY ANSWER TO THEM”. Those with dementia MAY, and I have to STRESS, “MAY” show some of these symptoms 1. Confusion and repeated questions are very common, please remember they are not doing this to "WIND YOU UP"...
Norman McNamara

Norman McNamara

Founder Of Global Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Campaign

Norrms McNamara is from Torquay Devon, UK. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s nine years ago aged 50. Five years ago he was told he had been miss diagnosed and that he actually had Lewy body’s type dementia. Horrified at the lack of help at the time, and deciding enough was enough and we had to do something about it, little did he know then what the future held Norrms Mc Namara

aged care bell
Norman McNamara
Norman McNamara Dec 5, 2017

The Care Home Bell

Why do you not hear it? When I ring my bell? Why do I ring it several times? Please do come and tell, I may be old and frail, My hearing not so good, But you are so much stronger, With YOUTH rushing through your blood, When I lived at home, If the doorbell went, I always answered it with a smile, No matter whom they sent And when I want the bathroom, It’s my bell that you don’t hear...
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