Felicity McIntosh
Felicity McIntosh Oct 25, 2017

A Primer in Effective Brand Identity for Aged Care Providers

Every aged care provider has a purpose and with the sector continuing to change and evolve, there is an increasing need to ensure that the organisation’s purpose is embedded in the brand identity, in order to stand out from the crowd. It is important that providers are undertaking marketing and communication activity to communicate to the consumer-led aged care market. However, most providers are not accurately activating brand identity development to differentiate themselves and be more competitive in the crowded...
Felicity McIntosh

Felicity McIntosh

Health And Ageing - Ellis Jones

Felicity is a consultant in Health and Ageing at Ellis Jones. She specialises in social media outreach, digital marketing, media liaison, brand development and event management. Clients ranging from development/property groups to local businesses and start-up social enterprises.

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