Eileen Webb
Eileen Webb Oct 5, 2017

How Can We Prevent Financial Abuse Of the Elderly?

Throughout Australia older people are losing their savings, property and homes through financial abuse, usually at the hands of persons close to them such as an adult child or grandchild. A sense of entitlement, ‘Inheritance impatience’ or opportunism can encourage people to ‘help themselves’ to an older person’s assets. Elder abuse is not a new problem. It has been occurring in Australia and elsewhere for generations - but its only now that serious steps are being taken to address it...
Eileen Webb

Eileen Webb

Associate Professor, Curtin Law School

Dr Eileen Webb has recently joined the Curtin Law School where she will coordinate the elder law program. She is a foundation member of the Australian Research Network on Law and Ageing (ARNLA). Eileen also teaches and researches in real property, housing, small business and consumer law.

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