Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell Mar 7, 2019

Heartbreaking home care stories are “appalling”

The media has been reporting story after story of appalling treatment in aged care homes. But aged care is much more than residential care. It also includes home care packages and the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. The stories about in-home care are equally appalling, albeit for different reasons. What is heartbreaking - and currently flying under the radar - is the commodification of the treatment of older people, the rorting in the system, insurance companies with no experience of caring...
Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell

Aged Care Matters

Dr Sarah Russell is a public health researcher who became interested in aged care when her parents moved to an aged care home. After her father died, she stopped full-time work so she could spend as much time with her Mum as possible. She wanted her Mum’s quality of life to be as good as it could be. She wanted her Mum to feel valued and be engaged in her ‘twilight years’. The time Sarah spent with her Mum in the aged care home was precious for them both. Although Sarah enjoyed the 4 years she spent with residents and staff, she watched the comings and goings in the aged care home with a critical eye.

Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell Jan 25, 2019

We Need A Complete Rethink On Aged Care

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety began last Friday. Scott Morrison announced the Royal Commission on the eve of last year’s ABC Four Corners’ investigation into inadequate personal care, negligence, neglect, abuse and assault in aged care homes.  Before jumping into another expensive royal commission, perhaps Scott Morrison should have reviewed the numerous inquiries, reviews, consultations, think tanks and task forces over the past 10 years. These inquiries provide evidence of appalling standards of care in...
Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell Dec 6, 2018

Google translator did not help me understand the Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce report

This views and opinions in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of HelloCare. Everyones opinion is important and we request people to be respectful of this. According to the script of the TV series ‘Yes Minister’, there are two basic rules of government: Never look into anything you don’t have to. And never set up an enquiry unless you know in advance what its findings will be. During the past decade, there have been many inquiries, reviews, consultations...
Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell Oct 17, 2018

‘Robbed of precious time’: chemical restraints and aged care

Nearly two-thirds of aged care residents are prescribed psychotropic drugs regularly. Questions that must be urgently asked. Mary’s 85-year-old husband had been in an aged care home for just over a week. He had been getting frailer but was still sharp mentally. However, Mary* became extremely worried when her husband started sleeping all day. After much ado, Mary obtained access to the medication chart for her husband. The aged care home’s GP had prescribed risperidone (an anti-psychotic medication), oxazepan (a...
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