Carer consoling an elderly man
Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell Jun 4, 2018

To ratio or not to ratio: that is the question

The debate about ratios in aged care homes has become a stuck record. Those opposed to ratios play a couple of old favourites: the 2011 Productivity Commission Report Caring for Older Australians and Abba’s “Money Money Money”. Those in favour of ratios sing along to a protest song: “Ratios for aged care. Make them law NOW”. To help move to the next track, politicians, the private and not-for-profit sector, families, community members and older people themselves need to work together...
Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell

Aged Care Matters

Dr Sarah Russell is a public health researcher who became interested in aged care when her parents moved to an aged care home. After her father died, she stopped full-time work so she could spend as much time with her Mum as possible. She wanted her Mum’s quality of life to be as good as it could be. She wanted her Mum to feel valued and be engaged in her ‘twilight years’. The time Sarah spent with her Mum in the aged care home was precious for them both. Although Sarah enjoyed the 4 years she spent with residents and staff, she watched the comings and goings in the aged care home with a critical eye.

old people on deck
Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell Apr 19, 2018

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission: shifting the deckchairs on the Titanic

These views are a reflection of the contributor and we believe it is important to give everyone a platform to share their opinion.  The hyperbole used by politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists to defend heartbreaking stories about inadequate personal care, neglect, abuse and negligence in aged care homes is staggering. Consider this from the Aged Care Minister in his media release announcing a national Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. Ken Wyatt said the government recognised “the vast majority of providers give consistent, quality...
Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell Feb 26, 2018

Would you eat the meals served in some aged care homes?

A shocking new study reveals aged care home spent an average of $6.08 per resident to provide residents with three meals a day. Michael Gannon, president of the Australian Medical Association, describes this as a “national disgrace”. In aged care homes, meals are the highlight of a resident’s day. Some aged care homes provide delicious and nutritious meals. Others serve meals that are inedible. When compared to international food budgets, Australian aged care homes spend 1.4 times less...
Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell Feb 8, 2018

Aged Care: So Many Inquiries, So Little Action

How many inquiries, reviews, taskforces, think tanks, consultations and consultant reports does it take for the government to change a light bulb in an aged care home? Over the past year or so, the government has investigated, among other things, the aged care workforce, reforms, accreditation, complaints scheme, innovation, standards of care and elder abuse – and still the light globe remains unchanged. The numerous reports commissioned by the government generate recommendations that never see the light of day. Unless...
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