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Leah Bisiani
Leah Bisiani Jun 9, 2018

 Medicated and Motivated – NOT! Questioning the abusive practice of chemical restraint

Elder abuse is one of the vilest indicators of ageist discrimination within our current civilization. Whilst the concealed ignominy of elder abuse has grown in visibility, it remains an area that is poorly examined and rarely resolved.  Chemical restraint, one of the manifestations of elder abuse when misused, remains an extremely contentious and provocative topic.  It should be questioned why this subject remains so controversial when the answers are so very obvious.  Let us today, scrutinize chemical...
Leah Bisiani

Leah Bisiani

Dementia Consultant

Leah is a highly skilled registered nurse/dementia consultant, having completed her Masters in Health Science/dementia stream, and Diploma in Business/Frontline Management, with more than 30 years’ experience in aged care/dementia specific care. Leah is also the founder of Uplifting Dementia.

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Leah Bisiani
Leah Bisiani Apr 16, 2018

Challenging the behavioural paradigm- The right to express yourself

“ People don’t get along because they fear each other. People fear each other because they don’t know each other. They don’t know each other because they have not properly communicated with each other”.  Martin Luther King Stereotypes based on assumptions become part of how we think, how we believe others should act at certain times of their life and how we believe a person must behave (Angus & Reeve, 2006). Kitwood (1997) likewise believed we should not judge...
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Leah Bisiani
Leah Bisiani Dec 18, 2017

Valuing the Uniqueness of Every Person with Dementia

This is Part 3 of Leah Bisiani's Person Centred Care series - Read Part 1, Part 2 Caregivers and people who understand a person’s cognitive limitations and deliver care and understanding to compliment the predilections of the person living with dementia, in a way that least depletes their abilities, are best able to minimise or prevent behavioural expression, which can undesirably impact on the lives of both person living with dementia and their caregiver. “We must recognise the essential unity of all...
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Leah Bisiani
Leah Bisiani Nov 27, 2017

The 4 Pillars of Person Centred Care

This is Part 2 of Leah Bisiani's Person Centred Care series - Read Part 1 here Tom Kitwood, the pioneer of Person Centred Care, states that:
 “The malignant social psychology damages the client as much as the disease process”. Older people and people living with dementia are often seen as less human, lacking sensation, emotion, and spirit, where in fact they can enjoy a magnificent quality of life. Let us appreciate instead, the person as a whole, taking into perspective their entire life...
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