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Julie Cole
Julie Cole Sep 5, 2017

Finding Vulnerable Missing People With Dementia Sooner

Here's something that it seemed important to share with people with dementia and those who support them in a personal and professional capacity.  I didn't know about the Herbert Protocol until researching this post. I'll certainly be promoting its use with the people that I work with and encouraging my local police force to give it prominence. George Herbert was a Second World War veteran who had a dementia diagnosis and repeatedly went missing after leaving the care facility where he lived...
Julie Cole

Julie Cole

Dementia Consultant

Julie is a Devon based occupational therapist with over fifteen years experience of working in physical and mental health settings with people with dementia, their families and friends and those in the public, private and voluntary sector who support them. Currently she works as a private mental health occupational therapist and dementia consultant alongside employment in the NHS as a senior mental health practitioner in an older adult mental health team.

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