Michael Riley
Michael Riley Nov 27, 2017

Financial Abuse: Call for Banks to Hire Elder Protection Officers

Financial abuse is a common form of elder abuse where people take advantage of older people and swindle them out of their money. Sometimes this can be done by a serial con-artist, preying on the weak, and other times it the older person's own family members. Financial abuse can be challenging to prevent because there are times the older person doesn't even realise it is occurring - it can take a family member or another excernal person to step in...
Michael Riley

Michael Riley

CEO Of Greysafe

Michael is the CEO of Greysafe, a not for profit organisation that has been established with the aim of preventing the abuse, neglect and exploitation of older Australians. Through advocacy, community awareness campaigns and a high profile media presence, we aim to build lasting and sustainable change so that older Australians feel safe, valued and can continue to have a meaningful life.

Michael Riley
Michael Riley Sep 12, 2017

The Abuse Victims Not on Our Radar and Here’s Why

If I told you that right now, while you read this article, 200,000 Australian women were being abused, bullied or kept in social isolation you'd be outraged. Correct? What about if a new report came out that the same number of children were being sexually abused both at home and in supposed safe institutions? Or if we read a news article that told us the same number of animals were being physically mistreated and left shaking in fear from...
grey armband day
Michael Riley
Michael Riley Sep 4, 2017

Grey Armband Day to Unite Local Communities in Fight Against Elder Abuse

Thousands of sporting teams, players, club supporters and community organisation members will take to the fields, courts, sidelines and stadiums of Australia next year as part of a new national grass roots community initiative aiming to help prevent the abuse, neglect and exploitation of older Australians. In June 2018, the inaugural national Grey Armband Day will take place. On that day, across the country players, spectators and supporters will be asked to wear a specially designed grey armband as a...
royal commission aged care
Michael Riley
Michael Riley Aug 27, 2017

Grass roots advocates join forces in call for Aged Care Royal Commission

A coalition of grass roots aged care advocates representing thousands of concerned citizens across Australia have joined forces to call for a Royal Commission into residential Aged Care. Action of Elderly Abuse Now group spokesperson Charli Maree Darragh, whose mother was murdered in a residential aged care facility in 2014, said the ABC 7.30 report’s recent two part expose of horrific examples of poor care and standards in accredited aged care facilities, had promoted advocates to take action. “Since...
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