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Rhod Ellis-Jones
Rhod Ellis-Jones Nov 20, 2017

Communicating Divestment, Acquisition or IPO

Key points to consider in aged care IPO communications. For years now, corporate activity in the Australian aged care sector has been vigorous. Acknowledging the natural exuberance of business owners, boards, investors and executive teams, let us consider with a level head, the range of emotions that this activity elicits in all stakeholders near to the business and further afar. Furthermore, let’s consider the best communication strategy for responding to all stakeholders remembering that when corporate activity accelerates, emotion drives...
Rhod Ellis-Jones

Rhod Ellis-Jones

Principal Consultant Of Ellis Jones

Rhod is the principal consultant for Australian agency, Ellis Jones. He is a business and communication strategist with diverse experience advising major private and public companies, government and non-government organisations. Rhod is an adviser to high profile politicians and business leaders in the ageing space and a regular speaker at health and aged care industry events.

Rhod Ellis-Jones
Rhod Ellis-Jones Jul 25, 2017

Retirement Living has a Great Future

 Before you read this article, you should know that we support the development of retirement living housing and communities because we have the insights, gained through years of research, to demonstrate that it is attractive to older Australians.  We are agnostic on the model but very clear on the demand. When Adele Ferguson comes knocking you better think carefully about answering. But answer that door you must, if you want a voice in reporting. In street parlance, over the past...
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