Catherine Barrett
Catherine Barrett Jul 19, 2017

The Letters of Love and Dementia

The Letters of Love and Dementia Campaign emerged from a Celebrate Ageing film called Our Hearts Are Bigger, which shows Anne Tudor and Edie Mayhew opening and reading letters they wrote to each other every day for a week. The film is part of a series documenting Edie's journey with Younger Onset Dementia and Anne and Edie's approach to deepening their relationship (see the first film here). The film invites family members, friends and service providers to write a letter to someone with dementia as a...
Catherine Barrett

Catherine Barrett

Director Of Celebrate Ageing

Catherine is the Director of Celebrate Ageing. She has been working with older people for over 30 years as a clinician, educator, researcher, academic and capacity builder. At the National Elder Abuse Prevention Conference in 2013 that Catherine recognised the need to establish a program addressing ageism as a strategy for the primary prevention of Elder Abuse.

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