Lauren Hockley
Lauren Hockley Jul 9, 2017

The Key to Staying at Home as You Age – Preventing Falls and Accidents in the Home

The most common reasons that older people are admitted to hospital are falls and accidents that have occurred in the home. According to Queensland Health, in that state alone at least one in four people over 65 have a fall each year. Over 40 % have multiple falls and over 30 % of those who fall require medical attention as a result Falls are often the beginning of the end of an older person’s independence. A fall at home can...
Lauren Hockley

Lauren Hockley

Co-founder Of Careseekers

Lauren is one of the co-founder of Careseekers. After a varied career in marketing and advertising, Lauren decided to go out on her own and with her sister Marissa, the two started their own business Careseekers, an online marketplace for in-home carers.

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