The Importance of Wound Management in the Elderly

With a growing ageing population and increase in chronic diseases, chronic wounds are becoming more frequent. Often occurring in the elderly, chronic wounds are defined as wounds that take more than four to six weeks to heal. Pressure ulcers, which lead to chronic wounds, can cause high degrees of pain, discomfort and decreased mobility. Older people with these types of wounds also suffer from higher death rates. Chronic wounds are a very serious and potentially life-threatening issue, so it is...
Nestle Health Science

Nestle Health Science

Nestlé Health Science are advancing nutritional therapy to change the approach of managing your health. Behind their pioneering company are people who are driving breakthroughs and innovating for impact. Nestlé Health Science are exploring new territory and breaking new ground in areas such as GI, critical care, surgery, oncology, healthy ageing, food allergy, obesity, brain health and pediatrics. They are changing the way doctors think about meeting the nutritional needs of patients, and the way patients and consumers manage their own health.

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Wound Care and The Role of Nutrition

"With wounds costing the Australian health system $3 billion every year and nearly half a million Australians suffering from chronic wounds every day – we need your support to spread awareness." Each year Wound Awareness Week takes place to raise awareness of chronic wounds across Australia. This year’s theme of Wound Awareness Week is “Let’s Talk About Wounds”. We are encouraging more people to raise awareness of the rising issue of wounds, what wound symptoms are, and to encourage more people to go and see a wound...
Nestle Health Science

IDDSI New Dysphagia Standards – What does it mean for Aged Care? Commencing 1st May 2019

New dysphagia standards commence today - 1st May, 2019. The new standards are known as  IDDSI - which stands for International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative. Find out what aged care providers and workers need to know by listening to the interview with Colleen Kerr, Director of Optimal Speech Pathology. Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder that includes problems with chewing, sucking and swallowing food or drinks. When left unmanaged dysphagia can have adverse effects such as malnutrition, dehydration, choking, and pneumonia. Brought...
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Nestle Health Science

You Are What You Eat: Healthy Eating for Older Adults

The week 14-20 October is National Nutrition Week, a time to think about our food choices, now, and as we age. Nutrition is important no matter what age you are - it’s just as important to get it right when you are aged 85 years as it is when you are in your teens. Living a healthy and active life is closely linked to a lifestyle that includes regular physical activity paired with wise food choices. Research has proved that...
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