Doctors in aged care
Tony Bartone
Tony Bartone Jun 29, 2017

The Doctor’s Role in the Aged Care Sector Workforce

Most people would be surprised to discover that doctors are traditionally not counted as part of the aged care sector workforce. The AMA has long argued that this is a massive oversight, particularly in residential aged care. It would be like not counting doctors as part of the hospital workforce. Older people tend to have complex and chronic health problems that need regular medical attention, and quality nursing care. GPs, as the coordinators of care, prevent more expensive downstream costs...
Tony Bartone

Tony Bartone

Vice President Of Australian Medical Association (AMA)

Dr Tony is the federal Vice President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), and a past President and Vice President of AMA Victoria. Dr Bartone is an experienced General Practitioner and management executive, working in two General Practices in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. His principal specialty interests include men’s health, mental health counselling, care co-ordination of patients with multiple chronic illnesses, and aged care.

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