Nicki Doyle
Nicki Doyle Mar 6, 2018

Why Aged Care Providers Should Care About Social Media

The aged care industry is facing increasing levels of competition, becoming far more consumer-orientated and undergoing reform (Consumer Directed Care, introduction of the Increasing Choice in Home Care measure, etc.). As in any other industry, there is an increased need (and expectation) that providers understand their target audience and engage in social media as a marketing, outreach and customer service tool. How we communicate in the digital world continues to evolve Organisations are using tools such as social media...
Nicki Doyle

Nicki Doyle

Director At KPMG

Nicki is a Director at KPMG in the Health, Ageing and Human Services Sector. She is an experienced consultant, with extensive experience working with clients within the ageing and community sectors, including Commonwealth and State government jurisdictions and for not and for profit organisations. She focuses on operational, including clinical aspects of service delivery, and has an extensive understanding of the market in which providers operate and how to respond to remain competitive. Nicki is an experienced health professional, having worked in the health, community and hospital sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom. She is a qualified physiotherapist, with extensive clinical, management and project experience. Her key areas of interest are aged care, community care, sub-acute care and rehabilitation, out of hospital models of care, and primary care with a particular focus on chronic disease. Nicki has published and presented widely and was awarded a Churchill fellowship.

Nicki Doyle
Nicki Doyle Jun 29, 2017

Customer Experience in the Ageing Sector

No matter what we’re buying, we all want a good customer experience – we want to think ‘wow’. In the increasingly competitive ageing sector, consumers are looking for tailored services with a personalised and seamless experience in an environment where they feel respected and engaged. Our research reveals a sector still grappling with a shift toward a customer first model. Without a positive experience at the heart of strategies and operating models, providers will simply not be able to attract...
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