Kerrie Lavery
Kerrie Lavery Jun 6, 2017

Working In Aged Care: Both Rewarding and Challenging

Kerrie Lavery is the CEO of Parkglen. Having worked in aged care for over 15 years this is her story. How I Got Into Aged Care Soon after I married, my husband was transferred to Whyalla, which is a country town in South Australia, about 4-hours northwest of Adelaide. I had a background in Marketing before moving, and I landed the job as the Arts Manager for Country Arts South Australia. Very different to aged care. I was managing performing...
Kerrie Lavery

Kerrie Lavery

CEO Of Parkglen

Kerrie has over 15 years of Aged-Care experience in senior management positions in both South Australia and Victoria. Before joining Parkglen, Kerrie managed both high and low care facilities within the aged sector. She also initiated a thriving Community Aged Care Package Program and departed when it was very successfully up and running. With her great affinity for the elderly, you could say she left for ‘greyer pastures.’ Kerrie joined Parkglen in 2007 and with her inspiring vision and passion for confident living for all, she’ll remain an integral part of our exciting future.

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