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Louise Hallinan
Louise Hallinan Jun 13, 2017

Hidden Causes of Memory Problems

Prevention is far better than cure. You have most probably heard this saying many times before, but I believe that when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease/Dementia, prevention is what really needs to be looked into seriously and implemented. What is really depressing is the fact that not only are the statistics climbing higher every year, they have predicted just how much higher the numbers will be in 2025 and 2050. I am astounded to find that Dementia is now the...
Louise Hallinan

Louise Hallinan

Founder Of Smart Brain Health Centre

Louise is an International Award winning Author, a Natural Health Practitioner and Founder of the Smart Brain Health Centre in Sydney. Her book “Smart Brain Healthy Brain” has won the Silver Medal in the “Living Now” Book Awards (USA) Health & Wellness category and has also been selected by as one of the “Best Books of the Month”. She has established the Smart Brain Health Centre in Sydney in 2014 which specialises in helping those experiencing memory problems and those wanting to improve their memory and brain health. The Smart Brain Health Program has been developed to address the causes of memory problems.

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