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Carolyn Broomfield
Carolyn Broomfield May 17, 2017

10 Tips on How to Be Fit, Fab and Fifty

As an advocate for the importance of maintaining personal fitness, here are Carolyn Broomfield's top tips on how to be Fit, Fab and Fifty “The Old Not-So-Savvy Me” Incredibly active? Yes, I was! In my younger years, I was a sprinter and competitive hockey player and then…Well, life got in the way. Ever been there? In my early thirties, my energy levels along with my desire to exercise (and my health) just plummeted. I traded in my active, youthful lifestyle...
Carolyn Broomfield

Carolyn Broomfield

Owner Of New Horizon Fitness

Carolyn Broomfield is a Gold Coast based nutrition coach, weight loss consultant, personal trainer. Carolyn is the owner of New Horizon Fitness, a boutique, private fitness studio at Highland Park on the Gold Coast. Carolyn began exercising for health and happiness, however she embraced her lifestyle change to such an extent that she decided to study to become a qualified personal trainer, weight-loss consultant and nutritional food coach - by this stage she was approaching the ripe age of 55.

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