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Sylvia North
Sylvia North Jun 23, 2017

4 Things You Can Do Every Day To Support Gut Health

A healthy digestive system plays a major role in overall health and wellness. We need a healthy gut to properly absorb nutrients from our food, giving us the energy we need to feel great. Noticing what comes out the other end is one of the best gut health indicators. Irregular, infrequent, or over frequent motions, while all common problems, can often be signs that something isn’t quite right. I perfect stool should be a slightly ‘s’ shaped sausage, brown in...
Sylvia North

Sylvia North

Registered Dietitian And Integrative Nutritionist

Sylvia runs Fearless Nutrition Clinic and is a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutritionist. Understanding all bodies are very complicated and unique, Sylvia has a special interest in working out an individual approach to using food as a powerful tool for drawing her clients closer their goals. Sylvia specialises in addressing digestive problems and food intolerances, hormonal problems, weight loss resistance, and poor energy levels.

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