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HelloCare Mail Jul 3, 2018

Letter to the editor: Constant vocalisation and unmet needs – how can we help?

HelloCare has received the following question from one of our readers. "A contentious question that will no doubt get me some abuse, however I hope some understanding as well. In my wife’s Alzheimer’s section (one area of 20 residents) there is one of our dear friends that screams and make continuous very loud sounds all day (except when eating). Her family won’t visit anymore because of the noise and they have requested that she be medicated however for some reason...
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Tinonee gardens
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HelloCare Mail Jun 19, 2018

Update: on Editorial ‘Gangrene, Agonising Infections Reported At Recently Re-Accredited Newcastle Nursing Home’

On 8 June 2018, HelloCare published an article on its website titled ‘Gangrene, Agonising Infections Reported At Recently Re-Accredited Newcastle Nursing Home’. The article described a series of medical conditions suffered by residents of the nursing home and suggested that those conditions were caused or contributed to by a lack of adequate care on the part of Tinonee Gardens The Multicultural Village. HelloCare accepts that the matters described in the article are complex medical conditions and were not presented in...
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HelloCare Mail May 30, 2018

Government’s $1.6 billion home care package not what it seems

  The Government and the Opposition are debating whether or not the budget contained ‘new’ money for aged care, or if funds have simply been redirected from residential care to more popular home care. The Labor party has criticised the Government’s $5 billion aged care package for simply reallocating funds from residential care to more popular home care. It says $1.6 billion that had been allocated to nursing homes has simply been redirected to fund 14,000 home care...
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HelloCare Mail May 29, 2018

The bullying epidemic in US nursing homes – it’s not just a problem in the school yard

Bullying is usually associated with the school yard - but the problem is also often present among seniors, in particular in nursing homes where elderly people are living together. All around the world, there is a growing awareness of the destructive power of bullying behaviour, especially in the age of internet bullying which can be hard for young people to escape once they begin to be subjected to it. Most schools will have policies for dealing with bullies, and promote strategies for young people...
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