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HelloCare Mail Feb 25, 2020

Caring for my husband ended our marriage – but I’m still his carer

  Every day, 2.7 million Australians provide unpaid care for a loved one. Friends and family give up activities they would otherwise be taking part in. They see friends less often. They cut back on work. They accept these sacrifices without question as part of caring for their loved one. Though they make up 12 per cent of the population, we rarely hear from family carers. We don’t often hear about the difficulties they face, the toll caring takes...
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HelloCare Mail Feb 24, 2020

Anonymous worker calls out culture of laziness in aged care

  I worked in two aged care facilities in Tasmania as a kitchen hand, cleaner and also laundry. When I got the job I was over the moon. I loved the work, but loved the elderly more. I am not a fan of nursing homes, but with my compassion and love I thought I could make a difference in the end stage of life for someone’s mother or father. I was a casual mostly working between 10-12 shifts a fortnight...
Dr. Keith Waters
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HelloCare Mail Feb 13, 2020

What Does A Doctor Do When Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Disease?

After spending 50 years treating children who were living with cancer, 76-year-old former pediatric oncologist, Dr. Keith Waters, was no stranger to hearing bad news. Persistent migraines and memory loss had suddenly become a regular occurrence in Keith’s life, and with this in mind, he and his beloved Heather visited a neurologist and prepared themselves for the worst. “When you reach our age and you start getting constant headaches you naturally think it might be something nasty like brain cancer...
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HelloCare Mail Feb 11, 2020

90-year-old woman died after being found outside in pool of dried blood

  The ACT Coroner has heard that a 90-year-old woman died after staff found her covered in dried blood in the courtyard of the aged care facility where she lived. Staff were unable to determine how long the woman had been outside. This case raises one of the most difficult conundrums aged care providers face: allowing residents to maintain their dignity of choice, while at the same time ensuring their safety. Coronial inquiry is underway According to a report in The Canberra...
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