And elderly Chinese man – walking with the aid of two sticks – has been given a helping hand by a local police officer after he became caught in traffic.

Crossing a seven-lane road in China’s bustling Mianyang would be intimidating for anyone. But for the elderly, who may not walk as quickly as others, crossing such roads must be extremely daunting.

But new video has come to light of an elderly man who is determined not to be put off by the traffic and not to be prevented from moving about his city. Yet despite his courageous efforts he became stuck in traffic while crossing a busy road when the traffic lights changed.

Just in time, a friendly member of the local traffic police came to his assistance in the video. After a brief conversation, the police officer turns around, and gently encourages the elderly man onto his pack – piggyback style.

The elderly gentleman is hoisted up, but it’s a perilous ride – it appears to be difficult for the man to keep his grip, and the couple must make their way through moving traffic.

The cars don’t stop for the slow-moving duo – in fact, they barely slow down.

The video was released by Mianyang Traffic Police who described the scene as “heart-warming” – and the footage has gone viral.

It’s encouraging to see the elderly being cared for so generously in the bustling metropolis of Mianyang, Sichuan Province, south-west China. You can see from the video that the officer, who has been identified as Qin Weijie, genuinely cares for the old man’s welfare, and he’s quite prepared to put himself out for him.

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