Bright young hearts forever whole,

Ageing bodies nestle the wising souls,

Twisting winds tickle a floating leaf,

Dancing, falling, rising, like a silent thief.

Through the still moments, swirls,

A gusting, whirring, bustle of time,

A memory sticks, ancestral branches form,

A seedling sprouts, the joy flashes by.

Years pass and moments pile

Each branch grows, flowers and stories spoken

Carved and etched, they make their mark,

Scaring memories, happy hearts

Firing synapses, spark and go

Causing eddies, changing flows

Wheels of emotion diverting rivers of time

The quickest of hands slowly sign

Waiving through the next generations in line,

Softly, carefully, carelessly, lovingly, more to be sure.

Home to home, house to house

A family born, surrounds and outflows out

The elder spirits from grandparents gone,

Wisdom won, lives worn,

The elders stories told tell all

Lingering, learning and observing before departing,

Freed from body or stuck in homes,

Love and loneliness tussle and thrown

Finally, sadness, change and whiteness come

As memory fades, confusion grows,

Helpless, hapless, but still there is love

Now Anger shows in a flash of rage, tears swell

And out goes pain and suffering, out through the door

Gone, Goodnight mum, goodbye dad, say no more granddad

Grandma, I miss you more

Where are you now, are you there at all?

Can’t speak and lost but still there the same

Not the same, there but not, in here, a faded stare

The thief is back from timeless black

And the thief has come to take everything back

Life is watery everywhere

But choose the memories that keep us there

Timeless moments, Momentous times

Memories forgotten, remembered somewhere.

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