Men’s health is an important topic, no matter your age. 15 – 21 June is International Men’s Health Week, a time to focus on the issues surrounding the health and wellbeing of men.

We asked five of our male residents at Berwick Aged Care, Hans, Reg, Peter, Patrick and John what advice they would like to pass on to the young men of today, regarding looking after their health.

They all agreed that they have become wiser with age and that your health is the most important thing. This then led to some lamenting that this realisation sadly dawned on them, only when they, themselves, faced life-changing medical problems.

While they were chatting, the gentlemen gave their full support for the initiative which is dedicated to highlighting the importance of men being more aware of their health.

Here is what each of our honorary men’s health ambassadors said when asked: “What advice would you give to younger men, about taking care of their health?”

Hans: “Don’t smoke, avoid excess in everything other than exercise. Also, try and maintain a regular exercise routine and go for regular medical check-ups.”

Reg: “Your health should be your number one concern! Don’t take up smoking as I did! Don’t drink excessively and don’t drink to excess. Good health is everything.”

Peter: “Look after your health; don’t ignore problems; don’t “man it out!” Go and seek the advice of a doctor.”

Patrick: “Number one, don’t smoke. Number two, don’t make drinking to excess a habit. Number three, exercise regularly! Better still; get involved in a sport. Remember, your health is your greatest asset, don’t take good health for granted. You have to look after yourself!”

John: “Remember, that what you sow today, you reap tomorrow. You have to look after your body and your health throughout your life. Don’t think that you are indestructible… no man is! Bad habits have a bad habit of catching up with you and, those bad-choices can result in devastating consequences, that can completely derail your life.”

This article was written by aged care provider VMCH .

Image: Peter, Hans, Patrick, Reg and John. Supplied.

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