Following the death of home care recipient Ann Marie Smith, police have raided the business that employed the woman who is currently facing manslaughter charges.

Ann Marie Smith was living with cerebral palsy and receiving home care through Integrity Care South Australia. She died in hospital on April 6 from septic shock, severe pressure sores, multi organ failure, malnutrition and other cerebral palsy associated issues after she was left stuck in the same cane chair 24 hours a day for over a year.  

Her death prompted multiple inquiries into Integrity Care, resulting in Integrity Care being banned from operating under the NDIS last month and her former carer, Rosa Maoine, being charged with manslaughter. 

However, during these inquiries, it has been revealed that staff and the director of Integrity Care have refused to answer even “the simplest of questions,” according to Detective Superintendent Des Bray. 

While police have received tremendous support from the public, following the outcry regarding Ann Smith’s death, Integrity care have continued to be uncooperative with the investigation.

“In fact, some employees have steadfastly refused to cooperate and have done nothing whatsoever to assist the investigation and to ensure that this sort of neglect could never happen to anybody again,” Superintendent Bray said.

“We know some employees were concerned about operating practices, and we plan to speak to more of them in the coming days,” he said.

“We encourage employees to cooperate in this investigation, so we can ensure this never happens again.

“It’s time for all employees, past and present, to do the right thing and speak to investigators by phoning Crime Stoppers tonight.”

Due to this uncooperation, police have raided the offices, and visited Integrity Care headquarters in Edwardsdown, as well as the directors’ home in Huntfield Heights, seizing papers and documents relating to Ann Smith’s care. 

As police continue their coronial, criminal and financial investigations into Integrity Care, Superintendent Bray believes there is evidence to suggest it is still operating and providing care. Anyone with information regarding Integrity Care and their continued operations are encouraged to contact South Australian police through Crime Stoppers.

Image Source: South Australian Police

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