After years of living alone in the Victorian suburb of Fitzroy along with the assistance of neighbours and a case manager from the Brotherhood of St Laurence, 92-year-old Lionel Cox entered residential aged care in July 2015.

It is here where Mr. Cox met a nurse by the name of Abha Kumar, who was present when staff were told that Mr. Cox had no known family, and that he owned his own home and had not made a will.

Within days of arriving at the Cambridge house facility, Kumar brought Mr. Cox a will-kit and managed to coerce him into completing a hand-written will that made her the sole beneficiary to his $1.5 million estate. 

A few weeks later, Kumar took Mr. Cox to his Fitzroy home via taxi to collect some belongings that included $4500 cash, which Kumar kept in her purse.

Sadly, only weeks after arriving at the Cambridge House aged care facility, Mr. Cox passed away from natural causes, giving Kumar the legal rights to his home along with a number of other assets. 

Probate to Mr. Cox’s will was not challenged, and 15 months after his death, Mr. Cox’s ex-nurse went on to sell his Fitzroy home for $1.117 million as well as various other items valued at $39,000.

And yes, she still has the money. 

According to The Age, this matter went to a hearing in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal in July this year where Kumar admitted to three allegations made against her by the Nursing and Midwifery Board.

Earlier this week, orders were handed down and Kumar was banned from being a registered health practitioner and from working or volunteering in any sort of aged care capacity for five years for engaging in professional misconduct and forcing staff to aide her.   

Tribunal members Elisabeth Wentworth, Mary Archibald, and Pamela Barry slammed Kumar as a “deeply flawed character” who “lacks trustworthiness and integrity” and is a risk to the public.

Although Kumar did suggest that she wanted to donate her ill-gotten fortune to charity, she admitted during the hearing that the money would now be used to cover her legal costs.

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