Anyone who was lucky enough to have a close relationship with a grandparent understands just how important that bond is, but defining the role of a grandparent is actually quite difficult.

The wisdom that comes with age can liken them to a teacher, but it’s the unconditional love and willingness to sympathise with you in matters that involve your parents that actually makes a grandparent feel like your first best-friend. 

Grandparents are known for telling stories, and their physical appearance combined with a lifetime of experience adds a layer of believability and enchantment to even the tallest of tales.

The reading of a story before bedtime is a time-honoured tradition often shared between a grandchild and a grandparent, and a new app called “Just One More Story” is an exciting new development that is helping to bridge the gap between grandparents and grandchildren who are unable to be together in person. 

The “Just One More Story” iPhone app allows grandparents to record themselves reading the words of popular children’s books and then send that recording alongside an electronic version of the book to their grandchildren via email.

The finished recording also includes an introduction, background music, and the noise of a chime every time that the child needs to electronically turn the page. 

The app’s creator, Wil Seabrook, is a well known America musician and entrepreneur who drew inspiration for this idea from his own childhood that saw him live apart from his grandparents, as well as his music career that has Wil spending extended periods of time away from his own son.

“At a time when families are more and more geographically spread out than ever before, and with so many things competing for our time and attention, anything that brings grandparents and grandchildren together is a welcome and positive thing,” said Wil.

Working closely with his parents, both of whom are retired schoolteachers and doting grandparents, Wil and his family team worked out the most simple and user-friendly experience that they could come up with. 

“For anyone who is middle-aged or older, so much of the online, social media and app experience can often seem like a completely foreign language,” said Wil.

“But for kids who are growing up in the twenty-first century, it’s the only language many of them want to speak! Finding ways to use technology to bridge that gap can be challenging, but when it works well it can also be incredibly rewarding.”

Although Wil and his family do not have the luxury of a large team of developers, their desire to promote connectivity within families have driven them to invest many hours of hard work and refinement into this innovative application.

“Grandkids really love hearing their grandparents reading to them and they can listen over and over again,” said Wil.

“The title of the app often lives up to its name, as little ones often request “just one more story.”

“And that’s the best feedback everyone involved could hope for.”

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